As a painter, he is for the most part self-taught, although during his youth he took drawing courses with Maurice Poitras and studied painting with Denise Gadbois, a professor of art. For two years, during the summer sessions, he continued to perfect his art by studying at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France, and studying artistic creation with the French Painter Jean Dubuffet. He became acquainted with several Quebec artists such as Jean-Paul Jérôme, John McEwen and John Fox, these last two having studios at the Complexe du Canal Lachine, where Claude still maintains his own.

His paintings have been presented exceptionally in two individual exhibitions, one at HEC Gallery and the other at Contemporary Art Gallery, Riverin-Arlogos. From his studio, before the opening of the Galerie Claude Maurer, he developed an extensive privalte clientele and his work was sold to private and corporate collectors both in Canada and the United States.

Claude works mainly in oil on canvas, which he prepares meticulously and applies on multiple layers , with scrapings, impressions and traces. First, he allows his work to be guided by his innermost intuition, then follows an exercise of consideration based on the enchantement force of the piece, leading to its acceptation or destruction. The painting emerges spontaneously, guided by his hand movements, producing surprising and unexpected results, producing a dreamlike state.

His work abounds in pure, rich and often lively colours. His inspiration is undoubtedly routed in his extensive knowledge of both primitive and modern art. For the last fifteen years, he became a collector of ancient African Art and the acquired knowledge in this discipline contributed significantly to his work. He just opened, with his spouse, Claudette Houde, an art gallery located at 1626, Sherbrooke St. West, in Montreal, in which are presented, by appointment, paintings and African art.

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